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Download 7th Class English Notes (Answer Questions) for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges

Download 7th Class English Notes (Answer Questions) for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges

Very Easy, Updated & Comprehensive Notes for all types of students i.e. Average / Extra Ordinary

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Download 7th Class English Notes (Answer Questions) for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges

UNIT 1 (The blessing of God)

About whom has he poetess written this poem?
The poetess has written this poem about God.
Describe a few blessing of God which are mentioned in the poem?
  • The meadows where we play
  • Gave us eye to see
  • Lips that we might tell.
The poetess has used some adjectives in the poem write a few in your copy?
Bright, Great, Wise, Glowing, Tiny, Purple-headed mountain.
After reading the poem tell why God has blessed human being?
God has blessed human beings with such blessings so that we may bow before him.
Do you like the poem why?
Yes, because it tell us about blessing of God.
What is a main idea of poem? Write in your own word.
The main idea of poem is to tell the human being regarding blessing of God on all creatures.

UNIT 2 (Personality of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad [SAW])

Why God did sent Prophets to the worlds?
Allah almighty sent Prophets to guide the humanity on the right path.
How is the position of our Holy Prophet (SAW)?
The position of our Holy Prophet (SAW) is special because He is the beloved among all Prophets.
How can we succeed?
We can succeed if we follow the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
Why was Abu Jahal against the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
Abu Jahal was against the Holy Prophet (SAW) because Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was against his false Gods (Idols).
Why was the Holy Prophet known as Sadiq and Amin?
The Holy Prophet (SAW) was known as Sadiq and Amin because he was truthful and trustworthy.
How did the Holy Prophet (SAW) treat his guest?
He hosted every guest whether Muslims or Non-Muslims. He served the guests with his own hand. He took guest care to ensure that the guest was treated.
Why did the Holy Prophet refuse to spare the women?
The Holy Prophet (SAW) refuses to spare the women to show the equal in Justice in the society.

Describe the location of Islamabad?
It is situated in the north of the Punjab province on the Potohar Plateau beneath the Margalla Hills.
Who took the design to built Islamabad?
President Ayub Khan took the design to build Islamabad.
Describe the importance of Punjab?
Punjab is thickly populated and extensively farmed producing the main food and crops of the country.
Name some places of Northern area?
Some places of northern areas are the Indus valley of Kaghan and Naran, regions of Hunza and Chitral in the North West are worth seeking for tourists.
Write few sentences about the mineral resources of Pakistan?
Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Rock, Salt, Gypsum and Marble.


Write down the historical importance of Bolan Pass?
Traders, invaders, and nomadic tribes have also used it as a gateway to and from South Asia. It is an important pass on the Baluch frontier, connecting Jacobabad and Sibi with Quetta.
What is the length of Bolan Pass?
The length of Bolan Pass is about 54 miles long.
Why is the Bolan Pass important?
Bolan Pass is important now a day because it is the main entrance to Quetta valley.
Why are historical places important for the economy?
Because tourists come there to rise the economy of country.


Why did the Stone Cutter use to cut stones?
The Stone Cutter is used to cut stones easily and to save time.
Why were his hand so hard?
His hands were so hard because he worked all day with Stone Cutter.
Why did the stone Cutter wished to be a King?
The Stone Cutter wished to be a king because he thought that a king is very power full.
What was his second wish?
His second wish is to become sun.
How did he think he could move power full than the sun?
He thought he could more power full than the sun because he can cover the sun.
What was his last wish? How did he learn his lesson?
His last wish was to become a stone cutter because he had understood the dignity of labor.
How did you like the character of the stone cutter? Why.
I like the character of the stone cutter in the lesson because he had known the dignity of labor.


Who is the poet of this poem The Echoing Green?
The poet of this poem “The Echoing Green” is William Blake.

How did the poet Express spring season?
The poet expressed spring season by the arising that make sky happy and merry bells ring to welcome the spring season.

Can you describe old John?
Yes we can describe the old John. He is a old man having white hair. He laugh away with care and he sit under the tall tree.
Which part of age is defined when you fell any worry?
Child hood.
Give the main idea of the poem?
The main idea of the poem is to welcome to spring.

UNIT 7 (Women's Role development)

What is the status of women in Islam?
Status of women in Islam is well defined. According to the Holy Quran it is clear that man and women are equal.
How are rural women participating of development of country?
Rural women are participating in crop production, livestock production, cottage industry, households etc.
What was the role of urban women in the development of country?
Women are seen in the most technical spheres like engineers, architecture, communication and I.T etc. Women now represent cricket team and participate in other sports such as athletics and even marathon.
Name the first women who joined as governor of State Bank of Pakistan?
Dr. Shamshad Akhtar became the first Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan.

UNIT 8 (Visit to Dentist)

Why did Ali go to the doctor?
Ali went to the doctor because he has some pain in the teeth and gums.
What did the doctor guess before taking the x-ray?
The doctor guessed before taking the x-ray there are some cavities in his teeth.
What do you know about s-ray in the dialogues?
It is a black and white images of a internal body parts and things.
What did the doctor find after x-ray?
After taking the x-ray, things look good and don't see any evidence of further delay.
Why should we take care our teeth gums?
We take care of our teeth and gums to avoid the cavities and toothache.
How do you keep your teeth clean?
We can keep our teeth clean by having brush early in the morning and late at night daily.
UNIT 9 (Environment Pollution)

What do you mean by pollution?
A pollution is the addition of harmful things to the environment.
What are pollutants?
Substances which cause pollution are called pollutants.
Name some causes of land pollution?
Land pollution is caused by
  • Chemical and nuclear plants
  • Industrial factories
  • Human sewage
  • Littering                            
Which gases are the main cause of pollution?
Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Chemical vapors produced by industries and vehicles.
How is water pollution caused?
If water is not treated before being discharged, it pollutes lakes, rivers, the underground water and even the ocean.

UNIT 10 (Greatest Scientific Discoveries)

What do you mean by invention and discoveries? You can consult your dictionary?
  • Inventions are devices and instruments prepared scientifically.
  • Discoveries are first time Knowledge of any existing thing.
Why is anesthesia used in operations?
It has made some of the most dangerous medical operation possible without pain to the patient.
What do you mean by DNA?
DNA is the blue print of a person because it holds the instructions how to build up some of the components of other cells.
How does DNA help in identification of a person?
DNA is the blue print of a person because it holds the instruction how to build up some of the components of other cells.
How do finger Prints help to catch a criminal?
Every man's finger prints are different from another. Finger print is very essential because it detects the identity of the person.
What is the purpose of insulin?
Insulin controls sugar in the body and is used against debates.

UNIT 11 (A Source of Knowledge)

What is media?
Media that we know is the source which gives us information, entertainment and education.
How important is media?
Media keeps us updated with what is happening around us either in our country or elsewhere in the world.
What is the difference between radio and television?
On radio we can only listen while on television we can also watch the speaker.
Why is it importance for us to read newspaper?
Newspaper informs people about the policies of the government.

UNIT 12 (Traffic Rules)

What is meant by traffic? And what is the importance of traffic rules?
The word traffic is taken from an Arabic word ''Taraffaqa'' it means to walk along slowly.
Describe the history of traffic rules?
Basic Traffic rules were defined by an international treaty under the authority of the United Nation is 1968. Not all member countries signed this document but majority accepted it.
What are the major measures which must be considered while using the road?
The indicator for the direction must be given.
What is Zebra crossing?
The black and white lines on the road near signal is called Zebra crossing. It is a way for pedestrian to cross the road.
How can road accidents be avoided? Give your suggestions?
Road accidents can be avoided by following traffic rule. For example
  • Keep in lane.
  • Use indicators
  • Drive safely



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Download Class Notes: Download 7th Class English Notes (Answer Questions) for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges
Download 7th Class English Notes (Answer Questions) for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges
Download 7th Class English Notes (Answer Questions) for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges
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