10th Class Guess Paper on Chemistry (Annual Exam 2020)

10th Class Guess Paper on Chemistry (Annual Exam 2020). Solved Important Questions for Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges / Federal Board (FBISE) Islamabad. The students of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) studying in Islamabad Model Schools & Colleges (ICB, ICG, IMCB, IMCG) can utilize our guess papers with full trust & confidence. These guess papers (Important Questions) are guarantee to get good marks in your annual exams. These guess papers can also be utilized by the students of other boards & schools/colleges of Punjab Province who are studying the same syllabus & course. These papers are prepared as per latest scheme of studies prescribed by Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad (FBISE) and Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), Islamabad having studied all the past papers and through the experience gained from these papers.

10th Class Guess Paper on Chemistry (Annual Exam 2020):


Important Questions:

  • State the Law of Mass Action.
  • Define Complete Reaction.
  • What is reversible reaction and Dynamic Equilibrium.
  • Define Equilibrium Constant (Kc).
  • Define Le-Chatellier’s Principal.
  • What is Self Ionization of Water?
  • What is equation for self ionization of water?
  • Why NH3 acts as Bronsted Lowry base?
  • Why BF3 acts as Lewis acid?
  • What do you know about Codeioine (C18H21NO3)
  • Write uses of common acids.
  • Write uses of common bases.
  • What are limitations of Arhenius Theory. Give examples
  • What are the limitations of Lowry Bronsted Theory. Give examples
  • What do you mean by amphoteric substances.
  • Define pH and pOH.
  • Write the importance of Kw?
  • What is Etching?
  • What is Concatenation?
  • Define Isomerism.
  • Define Functional Group. Give examples.
  • Write difference between an alkane and alkyle radical.
  • What do you mean by term destructive distillation.
  • What are hydrocarbons. Classify them into Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons with examples.
  • What are haloalkanes?
  • What do you know about the functional groups of a) alcohols b) phenols c) ethers d) keytones
  • List some industrial uses of ethene and ethyne.
  • List some properties of alkenes.
  • What is combustion reaction. Also describe the combustion of methane.
  • Write uses of hydrogenated hydrocarbons.
  • What do you know about Baeyer’s Test.
  • What is vicinal Dihalide?
  • What is dextrose Sugar?
  • What is peptide bond?
  • Distinguish between mono, di, tri saccharides.
  • What is protein deficiency?
  • What is the use of dextrose in drips?
  • What is Kwashiokor?
  • What is Scum?
  • Differentiate between Temporary and Permanent Hard Water?
  • Describe methods of removal of temporary as well as permanent hardness (i.e. By Boiling, Clark’s Method, By Washing Soda and By Ion Exchange Resins)
  • Compare natural fertilizers with synthetic fertilizers.
  • Describe the followings a) Roasting b) Smelting c) Bessmerization d) Froth Flotation
  • Outline basic steps and reactions of Solvay Process for preparation of Sodium Carbonate with its flow diagram.
  • What are the advantages of Solvay Process.
  • What is fractional distillation. Describe all fractional components of petroleum.

Other Important Things:

  • Objectives
  • Numericals
  • Diagrams