Things you wouldn’t want to miss .

Life is so short to do everything but you can do some specific things to make sure you don’t regret living the life you did. Things never happen by themselves you have to make them happen by taking initiative , by taking time out of your lives .

Don’t wait for leisure, make time for valuable experiences in life … so here is a list of activities you MUST at least try to accomplish..while you can.

1. Sing karaoke:

Karaoke is a type of entertainment, held mostly in functions and parties, in which people take turns to sing famous songs into a mic over prerecorded backing tracks of that song sometimes with the lyrics present on the screen in front of everyone. The best thing about karaoke is that its free you can do it at home as well (but at your own risk ) . This can help overcome your stage fright or fear of standing in front of people plus it will boost your confidence. Singing is something that instantly brings smile on people’s faces ;  as the great american actress Mae West said “You only live once (and once only), but if you do it right (the first and final time) , once is enough.”.” Karaoke is something everyone secretly wants to do but only the courageous one are ready to take the embarrassment for the sake of their own happiness. The ones who do try it at least once , have a crazy story to tell and a experience to remember.

click here to see the karaoke of FROZEN “let it go”

singing karaoke

2. Road trip:

As the Chinese philosopher and politician “Confucius” says:

“roads are made for travelling , not to reach destinations (locations)”

I don’t think any more explanation is needed to make you believe why road trips are important for one, the quote says it all , the memories you make with people or by yourself during a road trip , are priceless. Road trips make us value simple things in life like breathing fresh air , looking at the clear blue sky , glazing into the wind . It makes us wonder how amazing it is to see the sky to change colors so frequently . It is proven to be good for ones mental health as well. Do give it a try!!

lets go on a road trip

3. Donate blood:

Donating blood is like giving a part of yourself to someone whom you might not even know and might never meet as well but you would be helping an unknown person unconsciously which is like soul food . We produce new blood in every 48 hours , its not dangerous nor a health hazard .In fact , its considered a beneficial way for the body to replace old blood cells with new ones which would help us to be more productive and efficient .


4. A weekend without technology:

Technology sure has made life easier, so easier ! that we don’t bother getting up to do anything for hours ..Which  is nor good for health, neither benefiting us in any way .. A weekend without technology will make you realize what wonders your missing on.

quotation of Albert Einstein

5. Volunteer at an animal shelter for a day:

Animals can’t speak but how you treat them says allot about how much of a human you are. Animals like any other living being understand one language that is KINDNESS .  Volunteers don’t get paid , but after volunteering they have something that money can’t buy that is peace of mind. In this era of selfishness, do something for the calmness of your heart.

Save animals! show humanity