Chemistry paper for 10th class

Name. __________________ CLASS: 10TH R.No________________
Time:20min SECTION: A marks :12
Q1: Choose the correct answer .
(i) The equilibrium constant (Kc) is __________________ of two rate of constant:
a. sum b. difference c. ratio d. product
(ii) The unit of Kc for the following system is PCl5
a. Mol2/dm6 b. L/dm3 c. Mol /dm3 d. dm3 /L
(iii) Neutral solution has PH value:
a. 3 b. 5 c. 7 d. 14
(iv) KHSO4 is _____________ salt.
a. basic b. acidic c. amphoteric d. neutral
(v) General formula for alkenes is
a. Cn H2n On b. Cn H2n-1 c. Cn H2n-2 d. Cn H2n
(vi) Baeyer test show the presence of
a. single bond b. double bond c. triple bond d. no bond
(vii) Polymers of amino acid are
a. vitamins b. proteins c. lipids d. carbohydrates
(viii) Vitamins _______________is called oscarbic acid.
a. A b. B c. C d.E
(ix) The major components of troposphere is
a. argon b. Nitrogen c. Hydrogen d. Carbon
(x) The PH of acid rain is less than
a. 14 b. 10 c. 7 d. 5.6
(xi) The quantity of fresh water present on earth surface is only about
a. 2.6% b.2.2% c. 0.04% d. o.2%
(xii) The latent heat of fusion of water is
a. 41kj/Mol b.6kj/mol c. 4.2kj/mol d. 2.4kj/mol

Name. __________________ R .No:________________
SECTION : B (32)
Q2: Attempt any eight the following question:-
(1) Write down the unit of Kc?
(2) How extend of reaction can be determent by Kc?
(3) What is double salt?
(4) Calculate PH and POH of 0.005m Hcl solution?
(5) What is Baeyer’s test?
(6) Explain bounding in protiens molecuke in your words?
(7) How ethane can be produce from ethane?
(8) Describe difference between salt and oils?
(9) Differentiate between primary and secondary air pollution?
(10) What is thermal pollution ? how does it effect the aquatic life?
(11) Explain why it is advisable to drink boil water?
SECTION: C ( 21 )
Q3: Attempt three questions from the following:-
1) a. Write balance chemical equation of water with a. K b. Ca c. Zn d. Fe .e Cl2 f. Na2O
b. Write a note on household water?
2) A. Discuss acid rain. How does it effect environment?
B. Describe some sources and used of carbohydrates?
3) A. Give important reaction of ethyne?
B. explain common ion effect?
4) A. Describe law of mass action?
B. Discuss condition for equilibrium?

B. what pressure is exerted by a mixture of 2g of He, 16g of O2 and 10g of Co2 at 100C in a 5dm3 vessel?