CPID Vs Patch Vs Official PTA Approved Mobile Phones in Pakistan (Detailed Comparison)

A lot of people while buying mobile phones in Pakistan are confused in deciding which phone they have to purchase and what are the advantages and dis-advantages while buying a PTA official approved mobile set or CPID approved mobile phone and Patch Approved / VIP Approved etc. In this article, we will show you the detailed comparison between all these terminologies.

What is the difference between CPID, Patch & Official PTA Approved Mobile Phones in Pakistan:

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is the regulatory body / organization owned by Government of Pakistan. This organization regulates import / sale of telecommunication devices i.e. mobile phones, tablets, iPads etc. in the country and checks and supervise the PTA laws and regulations of Pakistan.

PTA Officially Approved Mobile Phones (Advantages and Disadvantages):


  • Genuine & Legal Method
  • Tax Paid Officially
  • SIM will work permanently with no issue.
  • No danger of blockage of device or SIM.


  • Heavy Taxes to be paid.
  • Incur more cost on purchasing an officially PTA approved mobile handset.

Patch Approved Mobile Phones in Pakistan (Advantages and Disadvantages):


  • Very Low Cost
  • SIMS will work


  • Illegal Way
  • IMEI Number of your device will be replaced with a cheaper phone.
  • Banking Applications will not work properly or issue warnings that Bank will not be responsible in case of any fraud or issue.
  • Phone will be in rooted state (Less Secure)
  • Android VersionĀ  / Firmware could not be updated.
  • Problems can be faced on resetting your phone. Patch Fee can be paid again.

CPID Server Approved Mobile Phones in Pakistan (Advantages and Disadvantages):


  • Unlocks Original Firmware without rooting the device.
  • Removes SIM lock and turns phone into fully functional phone by fixing developer IMEI.
  • You can Factory Reset your phone without any danger.
  • Firmware Updates will work
  • SIMs will work in all conditions.


  • Expensive then Patch Approved but cheaper than PTA Officially approval.
  • Only for Android.
  • Only for Single SIM devices/phones. Would not implement on dual SIM phones.


In every case, we should move toward officially approved phones because it is legal way and there will be no security issue. If however, you could not afford the PTA Taxes, then you should have to adapt the CPID approval approach because there are less security issues and you can reset/upgrade your phone without any danger. Patch Approval has many legal and procedural issues, even you will face signal problems after restarting your phone. If you reset / upgrade your phone, patch will not work and you have to pay the patch fee again to the market vendor.