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Download 9th Class Computer Science Notes (Unit # 3) for Federal Board (FBISE) & Punjab Boards

9th Class Computer Science Notes (Unit # 3) for FBISE Islamabad / Punjab Boards. Class 9 / IX / SSC / Matric. Download Complete Guide / Key Book as PDF. These notes are as per latest syllabus / course prescribed by Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad and all Boards of Punjab Province. Students of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and Azad Kashmir can also utilize these notes as per their course / books.

9th Class Computer Science Notes (Unit #3) for FBISE Islamabad / Punjab Boards


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9th Class Computer Science Notes (Unit #3) for FBISE Islamabad / Punjab Boards


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What is a word processor? Write some advantages of it over a typewriter.

  • Word Processor is commonly used application software for creation of different documents.
  • Word Processor allows user to delete, modify and re-arrange document without retyping.
  • A common word processing program is Microsoft Word. It is a part of Microsoft Office suit.


  • We can delete mistakes.
  • We can check spelling & grammar.
  • We can use different fonts and different size.
  • We can save document for future editing.
  • We can email it.

We cannot do the above tasks on typewriter.


Name any three types of documents, which can be prepared in Word.

  1. Reports
  • Resumes
  1. Memos
  2. Newsletters


Differentiate between page break and section break.

Page Breaks:

  • A page break is a marker that tells Word program that the followed contents are to appear on a new page.
  • Word automatically inserts a page break when the user reaches the end of a page.

Section breaks:

  • A section break also inserts a new page but it allows the user to change the page format without having any effect on the formatting of the previous pages.
  • For example, section break can be used to break a document into sections having different header and footer for each chapter of a book.


Why header and footer are important in a Word document?

  • Header refers to information that appears at the top of each page.
  • Footer refers to information that appears at the bottom of each page.
  • The type of information that may appear in the header or footer includes book title, document title, chapter number and title, page number, company name etc.

What is the purpose of control buttons in Word window?

  • Every window has a set of three buttons (Minimize, Maximize/Restore and Close buttons) on top right side. These are called control buttons.
  • We can minimize a window from the view by clicking the Minimize
  • We can Maximize window by clicking the maximize button that enlarges the window to fill the entire screen.
  • When a Window is maximized, a Restore button appears in its place. With the Restore button you can return the Window to its original size.
  • We can close a window by clicking the Close


Why hyperlinks are created in Word document?

  • We can add hyperlinks to the document that give access to information in another part of the same document.
  • We can also add hyperlink to another object or location. An object can be a Word file, an HTML web page, an image, sound file, video or other digital file.

Name any three areas of application of Excel.

Excel allows us to perform calculations (like a calculator) and manipulate text (like a word processor). Following are the areas of application of Excel:

Conditional Formatting:

Conditional formatting helps users to quickly focus on important aspects of a spreadsheet or to highlight errors and to identify important patterns in data.

Sorting and Filtering:

Sorting and Filtering your data will save you time and make you spreadsheet more effective.

Basic Math:

We can type the calculation you want to perform directly into the cell or the formula bar and when you press Enter, the answer will show in the cell.

Pivot Tables:

Pivot Tables summaries large amounts of Excel data from a database that is formatted. In pivot tables the first row contains headings and the other rows contain categories or values.


Differentiate between relative and absolute cell addressing in Excel.

Relative Cell Addressing:

Relative cell address means when a formula is copied to other cells, the cell references in the formula change to reflect the formula’s new location. For example formula (=C1+C2) present in C3. If you copy it in D3, it will change to (=D1+D2).

Absolute Cell Addressing:

Absolute cell addressing keeps a cell reference constant when copying a formula or function. Absolute cell addresses begin with a dollar sign in the formula, such as =$C$5 + $D$5.

What are the advantages of protecting an Excel worksheet?

  • Sometimes the data in your worksheets contain important information that you may not want others to edit or delete.
  • For this, you can protect sensitive information in elements down to the cell level in Excel.
  • When a worksheet is protected, other users can only view the information but cannot make changes in it.

How graphical representation of spreadsheet data can be helpful in business.

  • A chart is used to represent data graphically.
  • Charts are very helpful in explanation and representation of data.
  • A commonly used chart is the column chart.
  • Using pie charts, graphs and clustered columns adds meaning to data; otherwise, it may just exist as row after row of numbers.
  • These visualizations can add extra emphasis to business reports and persuasive marketing material.




Which shortcut keys are used in Word to move cursor to the beginning of line, end of line, top of the document and end of the document?

Cursor MovementShortcut key
Beginning of the lineHome
End of lineEnd
Top of the documentCtrl + Home
End of documentCtrl + End


Write the mouse commands used for selecting various items is a Word document such as single word, sentence, paragraph, etc.


Items of SelectMouse Command
Single wordDouble-click the word.
SentencePress and hold down CTRL key and click anywhere in the sentence.
ParagraphMove the mouse pointer to the left of the paragraph until it changes to a right-pointing arrow and then Double-click.


Explain text and paragraph formatting in Word.

Text Formatting:

  • Text formatting means changing the font type, size, style, color and effects of text.
  • To change the Font Type and Size of Text follow these steps:
    • Open the Home tab and click the arrow on the right side of the currently selected font type and choose another font type.
    • To change the font size, click the arrow on the right side of the font size and select a font size of existing text, select the text and then make the changes.
  • To change the Font Style and Effects, follow the following steps:
  • Click the Home
  • Click the dialog box launcher on the lower-right corner of the Font
  • This will open the Font dialog box. Now, the user can change font styles and effects of text.
  • Some changes that are available in the Font dialog box can be made directly from the Font group in Home
  • Following are the steps to clear the text formatting:
  • Select the text you want to clear the formatting.
  • Click the Home
  • Open the Styles dialog box and select Clear all.


Paragraph Formatting:

  • Paragraph formatting refers to change of format of text of paragraph such as font size, color, line spacing, alignment etc.
  • Paragraph formatting tools are provided in the Paragraph group of Home tab and Page Layout
  • Paragraph alignment refers to the appearance of lines in a paragraph in relation to left or right margins. Left align is the default setting for paragraph alignment.
  • Paragraph indentation refers to the distance of paragraph from left margin. To increase paragraph indent, click the Increase Indent
  • The following are the steps for changing spacing between paragraphs and lines.
  1. Select the paragraph or paragraphs.
  2. Click Home
  3. Open the Paragraph dialog box, by clicking the small arrow at the bottom right corner of the Paragraph
  4. Make the required changes.
  5. Click OK to apply changes.


Describe the Paste Special command used in Excel.

  • Excel copies all the information in the selected range of cells when you paste data.
  • Excel’s Paste Special command allows many other options while pasting cells such as paste only formats of selected cells without contents or paste contents without formulas.
  • The following steps describe the use of Paste Special command.
  1. Select the cell range to paste.
  2. Open the Paste Special. Paste Special dialog box will open.
  3. Select an option from the Paste Special dialog box and click OK.


Describe how functions are used in Excel with examples.

  • Functions are built-In formulas in Excel that allow user to easily perform common calculations on data.
  • Functions can be entered in a worksheet using keyboard
  • For example, following are the steps to calculate average sale for Acer laptop computer during the first quarter using the AVERAGE function.
  1. Select cell E5 where the result will appear.
  2. Type =av to display the Formula AutoComplete list.
  3. Point to AVERAGE function and Double-click.
  4. Select the range B5:D5 to insert it as argument to the AVERAGE
  5. Press Enter
  • Using Insert Function command to Find the Highest Value:
  1. Select cell B11 where the answer will appear.
  2. Click Insert Function Insert Function dialog box will be displayed.
  3. Select MAX in the function list and click
  4. Type B5:B8 in the Number 1 text box of Function Arguments dialog box and click
  • Using AutoSum Drop-down Menu to Find the Lowest Value:
  1. Select cell B12 where the answer will appear.
  2. Click Formula
  3. Open the AutoSum drop-down menu in the Function Library group and select
  4. Type the Range B5:B8 and press


Describe how formulas are used in Excel with examples.

  • A formula is an expression that performs calculations.
  • It consists of operators, constants and cell addresses.
  • The standard operators used in Excel formulas are given in Table.
  • Arithmetic operators used for addition is (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/) and exponent (^).
  • All the Excel formulas begin with equal sign (=) just like functions.
  • For example, to multiply two numbers 4 and 7, the formula will be =4*7.
  • User can also use cell addresses in formulas such as =(A4+B4)/5. This formula will first add the contents of cell A4 and B4 and then divide the sun by 5.
  • Whenever the user changes the value in a cell, the result of the formula will be automatically updated. This feature known as Automatic recalculation.


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