Earn Money with Facebook (Online Job – Sharing, Liking, Commenting on Contents)

Earn Money through Facebook by sharing, liking and commenting on facebook posts. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Everyone having facebook account can do this job by very easy to do assignments using his/her laptop/tablet, PC or smart mobile phone etc. So, everyone can now earn money by sitting in their homes, offices or elsewhere at anytime. In these jobs, you can share any link+title given below and post this at your facebook wall, groups or pages you own. Once the given criteria meets, you will paid for the task. After completion of given target, the amount will be given as per your your provided method. You can withdraw cash as Easy Load / Easy Paisa / Jazz Cash / Bank Transfer etc.

Earn Money with Facebook Advertising in Pakistan:

Please read all the details from below to understand the method and all terms & conditions completely. 

Salient Features:

  • No Registration Fee – No Investment Needed
  • Very Easy to do tasks.
  • No academic qualifications needed.
  • No extra professional experience is required.
  • Instant payments (within 24 hours).
  • You can do the assignment anytime, anywhere.
  • No hard & fast rules.


  • You must have little knowledge of using Facebook.
  • You must have internet connection and Facebook Account.
  • Basic knowledge of Facebook Sharing, Liking, Commenting.

Payment & Rates:

  • Rs. 300/- per post.
  • Minimum Likes required = 1000
  • Minimum Comments Required = 100
  • Minimum Share Required = 100

How to do this Job:

  • Select any one Link with its Title from below and copy/paste it at your facebook wall/profile or facebook groups or facebook pages. Wait for featured image to be loaded and after image is displayed, submit the link.
  • Once your post reach to minimum threshold level mentioned above, send the link of the facebook post to us via SMS/WhatsApp at +923405665550 (Don’t Call Please).
  • We shall verify the threshold and ask your EasyPaisa/JazzCash Account Number and transfer the amount in your account within 24 hours.
  • No Cheating – No Fake Likes, Share & Comments through auto bot websites, if found such activity, DCN have the right to cancel your payment and delete/suspend your account for ever.

Links to Share at Facebook:

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