The complete guide to outsourcing your next software project


SINCE 19th Century, cost effectiveness is the first priority from educational sector to practical side. Terminology, “An Outsourcing” is a wide terminology, covers every sector among educational sectors, production sectors, service sectors, marketing & content writing, even in law enforcement department & logistics  accounts. These are functioning from intra-sector to inter-sector, intra country/region to inter country, where criteria objective of perfectionism, cost & time efficiency according to law.
The basic concept behind outsourcing is to rely less or spend less towards internal resources if they are not well skilled, professional, perfect, especially in US, UK & Canada take advantage of this service due to high cost of education, either online or regular basis, however, in Asia, they are cheap, more committed, and authentic.





In US, It’s been observed that to get employee of highly skilled professionals degrees are very difficult to locate, hence, they hire from far off & mostly in compromising mode, that results in very difficult for employee or employer to increase integrity among each other becomes very difficult because
• High rating colleges & universities lacks and can be found in far area.
• The tired employee/student: Report of Labor organization states that in 2018, average time, almost employee took 90 minutes up and 90 minutes down.
• Secondly, employer/student is compromising in a way that he or she can’t be strict on coming & going hours as they know from how long they are coming, furthermore, employee’s efficiency declines due to that much long journey. SHAKE HAND
As a result, either in educational sector or in job sector, compromise doesn’t work but absolute terms working every aspect, otherwise, it results in the end as per report of inconsistency in selection of educational institute or in practical side, the layoff employee or employees with self willingly leave job or on average report says hardly 2 months turnover ratio of employee since last 5 years that’s why last year it is observed that now outsourcing concept is becoming an industry and now ratio is 8:2. (on average).




Educational content of primary and secondary sections.
• Copy paste, keeping consideration of plagiarism for long reports, thesis etc.
• Content writing world current affairs, news, hot topics & debates.
• Logistic area
• IT
• Management
• Human resource
• Production
• Chain of products
• Contact with supplier
• Helps to close selling deeds etc.


Therefore, only print media, i.e., newspaper, job applications becomes very lengthy process, not accurate and too much time consuming & chances are very low to get desire university or job to get within  absolutely desired vicinity of 20km is very low, hence, here comes the role of outsourcing companies who maintain database from different resources including cold calling & remain in good relation with the companies via mail or website engagements, and reading requirements or vacancies in any company. As they come to know, they start searching in their database, the absolute application & resume that they keep along with as up to date vacant student & people.

In Educational Sector, due to electronic media, online classes scenario has become very common, online tution plus materials are available, that literally helps a lot to students to get good grades, however, in job sector,


• They select the resume from their database that 100% matches from the given requirement by any organization.
• They firstly made cold call to know the current and actual scenario & pursue if matches their own criteria . For example, economic size of company, which product or service, reputation, employment turnover, authenticity & reliability in market, maximum & minimum number of employees, their level of expertise, & of course updated SWOT Analysis of company.
• Then the email and give time of calling or video meeting that matches best.
• Probabing is must, according to what is written in resume, because usually people input fake data for fun or to get job, hence, cross questioning works & traps the storytellers. means all steps of 5W’s and prospecting (that company keeps in their database from different resources, asks sendopen emails to introduce themselves that if they are looking this type of job WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST.

• Then if they found it according to their criteria, they gives to an applicant, the through interview training  
• Now it’s time for first cold call with little lower HR Management and they discuss on required matters, if they got satisfied, they ask outsourcing company to fill in the blanks.
• Here we go for final interview practice and again face to face interview that mostly qualifies after financial constraints also get solved.
• Outsourcing company also gives guarantees like in US employee leaves in 2 months, they contract hard & genuine commitment of probationary period on both side.
Almost all outsourcing companies, in any sector, even in insurance industry, works in a same way, however, in insurance industry they caught fraud of collecting premium for psych patient, or dentistry problem or game etc., therefore, more close eyes are being kept on them on day to day basis.




  • Your idea can be stolen for example in software company this danger is strongly exists as history shows biggest shifting or stolen of idea was of microsoft.



fire safetyThreat or risk of Fire can be reduced with the help of outsource experts who keep and fix equipments updated and remain on call.


  • Be careful in sharing your ideas that is more possible and big threat in software companies.
  •  Statements & commitments are on record. Keep close eye on reputation. 
  •  Resourcing company kept eye on under the table activities to be get in noticed
  • Commits for no extra or hidden charges.
  •  Eery call from first cold call to every call till end is recorded.   


In any case, outsourcing or offshore companies due to high cost quality service provider, to lessen the burden of executives & focus more on other typical areas required in industry, increase efficiency, increase seales, increase market share, improve reputation of company as they grow and keep updating themselves. Somehow, few are caught in indulging in fraud, as well as concerned is to increase working on one employee by whole organization & on the other hand, employee is out for conducting the same function and as outsource service provider are less in number, they can’t absorb those who get vacant due to their external services, as a result, unemployment increases. However, the industry will become mature in short era, as data is showing, then problems from with each other lessen and sort of partnership will increase in this Era of talent competency. As per research prediction of outsource services is spreading around the World specially in Asia, western Countries, Sub-continent, middle east etc.  

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