FBISE E-Sheets (Biology + Computer) 1st Year, 2nd Year / HSSC (Annual Exam 2020)

Download FBISE E-Sheets (Biology + Computer Science) for 1st Year, 2nd Year / HSSC (Annual Exam 2020) by Federal Board. New Paper Pattern. FBISE has announced new way of examination at HSSC level for two subjects initially as a test case. Keeping in view of latest and modern enhancements and induction of technology of all walks of life, this step must be appreciated.

E-Sheet Circular from FBISE Islamabad (Federal Board):

It is circulated for information of all concerned affiliated institutions that Annual Examination 2020 at HSSC level in the subjects of Biology(I & II) and Computer Science(I & ll) shall be conducted on specially designed Answer Scripts to be evaluated by the examiners on computer (E-Sheet). In this regard you are requested to prepare your students accordingly i.e. to write answer of relevant question on the specified place(s). It is pertinent to mention that sufficient space for answer of each question has been given in the said sheet according to allocated mark(s) of relevant question. Complete sample of the same Answer Script can be downloaded from FBISE.

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Instruction For Candidates:

  1. Roll number may invariably be written on question paper. Do not use question paper for rough work.
  2. Write on both sides of the Answer Book only in the specified spaces for each question. Leaving blank lines is prohibited. If you do not want to attempt a question, the space specified for it should also be left blank.
  3. Attempt only requisite number of questions only in the spaces specified for them. No question may be answered twice.
  4. Answer Book whether written or blank, must be returned to the invigilator concerned. No Page should be torn out from the Answer Book.
  5. Books, maps, charts, computerized calculator, mobile phone etc as helping examination material are not permitted in examination hall. Besides, peeping in the Answer Book of other candidate or writing from his/her script will be treated as use of unfair means.
  6. Smoking and carrying of arms in the examination hall is strictly prohibited.
  7. No one is permitted to leave the examination hall within one hour of distribution of the question paper. If one leaves the hall before the specified time, he/she shall return the question paper to the Center Superintendent.
  8. Black fountain pen or black/blue ballpoint may be used for writing and lead pencil for drawing diagrams.
  9. Use of erasers of all kinds (including chemical) is strictly prohibited. It would be treated as tampering with Board’s documents.
  10. Must write “THE END” at the conclusion of the paper and blank pages/space should be crossed.

Download FBISE E-Sheet Samples (PDF Format)