GCU Lahore vs PGC for intermediate. Which one is better?

  1. If you will study at your own and arrange tuition for yourself than you can study in GCU but if you want to study with full concentration and want to get good marks then Punjab college is best for you.
  2. There are lot of societies and debating clubs in GCU but in Punjab college there is nothing like that. GCU life is a lot of fun while PGC will make you only a bookworm.
  3. In this year 2019 Punjab group of colleges got all Three top positions of intermediate in Lahore board but GC got none of the three top positions in Lahore board.
  4. There are Schoalrship available in Punjab group of colleges. If you got 75 percent in matrices then you will study on scholarship in Punjab Group of colleges while in GCU there is only need based scholarships.
  5. Teachers in Punjab Group of Colleges will give you special attention and guidance for your studies while in GC you have to study at your own.
  6. To get admission in GCU Lahore your marks in Matric matters while to get admission in Punjab group of colleges your marks in Matric does not matter. If you want to get admission in GCU you will need more than 1060 marks.
  7. GCU:                                          Mascot:”Ravians”.                  Established:1861.                     Motto:” Courage to know”
  8. PGC.                                        Mascot:” Punjabians”.       Established:  1985                Motto:”We believe you can”