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Guess Paper on Computer Science for 10th Class (FBISE Islamabad & Punjab Boards)

Guess Papers on Computer Science for 10th Class (Important Questions) for Exam Preparation. Our Guess Papers are based on old questions papers and vast experience. These will helpful specially for medium type of students, if they learn only these questions they can get good marks in the exams. However, extra ordinary students can also get benefit from these guess papers. Theses can be used particularly by the students of Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, FBISE Islamabad and all BISE of Punjab Province. However, students of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and Azad Kashmir can also utilize these guess papers as per their curriculum and scheme of studies.

Important Questions of Computer Science (10th Class):

  • What is meant by coding in computers?
  • Describe ASCII and EBCDIC codes.
  • What do you understand by the logical operations AND and OR.
  • What is a Truth Table? Construct a truth table for AND and NOT operations for three variables i.e. X, Y,  and Z.
  • State and prove the i) Idempotent Law ii) Involution Law iii) Absorption Law.
  • Describe various steps necessary to solve a problem.
  • What is flow chart? Write its advantages.
  • Convert the algorithm of question 9.08 into a flowchart.
  • What is debugging? Why it is necessary to test or debug a program?
  • Write some errors in programming?
  • Why it is necessary to document a program. What are types of documentation.
  • Define variable and its types. Write some invalid variable names with explanation.
  • Explain the types of different operators in BASIC.
  • Write a note on assignment statement with example.
  • What is the different between STOP and END statement. Explain.
  • What is transfer of control. Differentiate between conditional and un-conditional transfer of control.
  • How do FOR … NEXT statement differs from IF … THEN statement?
  • How do IF … THEN statement differs from IF … THEN … ELSE statement?
  • What is the difference between controlled loops and counter loops?
  • How do WHILE .. . WEND loop differ from FOR .. . NEXT loop?
  • Explain the use of ON .. . ERROR GOTO statement.
  • What is meant by nested loops? Explain.
  • What is DIM statement. What is the difference of DIM statement in one dimensional and two dimensional arrays?
  • Define function and its types with examples.
  • Explain these functions. ABS, CINT, HEX$, FIX, INT, RND, SNG
  • What is the purpose of User Defined Functions. Explain.
  • What is the purpose of GO-SUB RETURN statements? Explain.
  • Write purpose and Syntax of PSET and Line Statement.
  • Describe purpose and syntax of DRAW statement.

Important Numerical:

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Guess Paper on Computer Science for 10th Class (FBISE & Punjab Boards)

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