Guidelines to submit the listings

  • All Fields should be properly filled.
  • Title of the Listing should be between 60 to 70 characters long.
  • Body Text in Description Field should be properly formatted.
  • Body Text should be 100% unique. If you have copy and pasted it from elsewhere, then change each line into your own words, otherwise listing will be rejected.
  • You can also add images and YouTube videos in your listings.
  • To check the uniqueness of the text and make it plagiarism free, you can copy/paste your text at Plagiarism Checker and then copy it into the listing editor.
  • Duplicate listings will be rejected.
  • Listing Rate will be Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 per listing depending upon the nature of the listing.
  • Listing Approval Time is between 24 to 72 hours (working days only)
  • You can check the status of your listings in Manage Listing page.
  • You can check your Account Balance & History and request cashout / withdrawal in shape of Easy Load, EasyPaisa or JazzCash at Account Management page.
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