How Nutrition can effectively Immunize against Covid-19 (7 Steps to follow)

How Nutrition can effectively Immunize against Covid-19 (7 Steps to follow). Everything you need to know about the optimal functioning of the immune system. An immune system that works effectively is key to maintaining the body’s functional integrity and therefore its health. So one of the most important functions of our immune system is to distinguish the “same” from the “non-same”, ie the “foreign” elements (microorganisms, cancer cells, chemicals, etc.) that appear in the body and based on this knowledge, on the one hand to accept the “same” (self-blame), and on the other hand to turn and try to neutralize the “not the same” (immune response). This function ensures the homeostasis and defense of our body and protects us from autoimmunity, the total growth of neoplasms and from the harmful effects of exogenous / foreign elements that invade the body, the so-called infectious agents. (e.g. viruses or bacteria that cause respiratory infections such as the common cold and flu, bacterial pneumonia, etc.) or disease.

More specifically, the immune system is an amazing network of cells, tissues and organs that work closely together to protect the body against harmful external and internal factors. This function is called “immunity” or “immune response” and is a complex series of steps with the inflammatory response being an important defense mechanism.

Immune system cells are produced in the bone marrow and stored in the body in various areas such as the thymus gland, spleen, lymph nodes and lymphoid tissues which are associated with various organs (eg the intestine). When they circulate in the blood, they are usually referred to as leukocytes or white blood cells.

Immunity types:

Immunity is divided into innate and adaptive. Acquired immunity is further distinguished into cellular, which is carried out by cells, and chemically carried out by the production of substances such as antibodies, cytokines, etc.
When the immune system is not working properly.

Sometimes there are problems with its operation, resulting in a reaction to non-infectious agents with special immune mechanisms. Such immune reactions are usually not desirable and when they turn to harmless foreign ingredients (environmental allergens) they cause allergies or hypersensitivity (asthma, urticaria, eczema, etc.). It is also possible to trigger a reaction against components of the body itself (autoimmunity) resulting in the development of autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Chron disease, ulcerative colitis, etc.). It is known that sometimes immune system deficiencies can develop, resulting in loss of its immunoregulatory properties or even causing it to collapse through the development of endogenous and exogenous factors (chemotherapy, Clinical manifestations of immune system depletion are increased susceptibility to infections, malignancies, autoimmune diseases, reduced response to vaccinations, and slow wound healing.

About strengthening the immune system:

The term “boosting” the immune system is common. Nevertheless, the only scientifically proven approach is that the optimal functioning of the immune system is critical to health! Proper adequate (for good nutrition), quality nutrition high in specific foods and nutrients that play a catalytic role in the structure and function of the immune system, phytochemicals, prebiotics and probiotics (to maintain a “healthy microbiome”) is one of the main exogenous factors for maintaining optimal “immunity”.

Remember: Malnutrition (malnutrition) resulting from inadequate protein and / or caloric intake and the body’s deficiency in certain nutrients have been shown to be associated with a weakened immune system and adverse health effects. In addition, obesity can contribute to chronic inflammatory responses in organisms with adverse health effects.

Improve your diet and lifestyle, aim for optimal nutrition, support effective “immunity”! You can, with the following steps!

Eat “Properly”: Follow a healthy, varied diet focused on foods high in vitamins and minerals with proven action on the normal functioning of the immune system, such as zinc, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin C, or acid, copperetc .: Extremely virgin olive oil, olives, tahini from 100% sesame seeds, nuts, fruits and olive seeds, cocoa, legumes, fish and especially seafood, fruits and vegetables with very bright colors (including drying ) and other quality foods will meet the requirements. Look for seasonal foods, pure, good ingredients, “real” flavors!
Consume 6-9 servings (400-600g) of fruits and vegetables a day. They are the first “shield” of protection. Focus on variety.
Do not omit whole grains (eg wholemeal flour, oats, wholemeal nutmeg). They are an excellent source of dietary fiber which contributes to the health of the gut, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and other beneficial substances. Certain cereals (amaranth, buckwheat, millet, barley, oats, etc.) are especially valuable.

Maintain a “healthy gut”: Intestinal microbiome means health! Foods that have been fermented with natural processes such as “real” yogurt, sour milk, cheese, yeast, tea and of course.

Reduce the consumption of sugar and especially added sugars in industrialized foods and beverages. Use plenty of seasonings and spices! Certain herbs, according to scientific studies, have a potentially effective effect, such as Ashwagandha

Check vitamin D levels! Stay hydrated

Cut or limit smoking…

Get a good night’s sleep!
Put 30 ‘walking or any other physical exercise in your schedule every day and feel the mental discharge! Avoid prolonged exhausting exercise
Smile and be grateful for all the beautiful things you have!