How to end a commercial relationship in a friendly and peaceable manner? 

Sometimes, partners of business require ending their relationship. This requirement doesn’t mean something went wrong between them, Instead, it means both have no need for each other and they’re no longer necessary for each other.

Given below are some reasons for ending a client relationship

  • Unreasonable demands
  • Trying to reduce the rate
  • Slow payers
  • Not listening to each other

Suppose if something isn’t reasonable to you, maybe unreasonable for your client or partner. Opposing and confronting isn’t the solution, rather, consider setting the limits. But if you’re getting failed in setting the limits, it may be the time to close the relationship because you’re not a good fit.

business relationship

Reducing the rate

If your partner agrees and admits your rate but tries to decrease your value it’s the time to end the relationship. In this situation, he doesn’t have your high regard in his heart. Besides, he may consider you as an employee or an accountable person rather than a partner of the business. In case you can control the issue, then keep the partnership otherwise think of moving on.

Paying on time is a liability. If the partner doesn’t have a sense of this responsibility you may think to move on also. You should get paid on time in a certain way you both were agreed. Before ending the relationship, it’s good for both of you that he should get the warning. Create a minimum of there strikes before finishing.

When your client contacts you for a project and hires you after being agreed on terms and conditions he should listen to your ideas and complications. if he doesn’t listen to you it may a big issue. Try your best to fix and in case you fail, let him go.

When you need some information regarding the project, ask for the instructions. He is liable to provide all the answers that resolve your problem. In case he doesn’t respond or replies to you late with the information you can end the project.

Keeping the project running may affect your performance and duties. Then this time may be best to let your partner go. If the client is an unresponsive person it may result in ruining your work schedule as well as affect the work you do for him and for others.


Politeness and respect have a key role in keeping the business running. Your client should have the quality of respecting people and workers. If you feel he continues disrespecting you either in the way of abusing or in terms of work schedule, try to manage things. If the complications continue consider parting the ways.

Things to consider before ending the relationship

Before you finish the relationship, check the contract. Check what are the rules and ways to end the correlation and stick to the regulations. Moreover, don’t consider the breakup as a personal matter. It’s all about business, so your personal relationship shouldn’t force you to be an enemy of each other.

Although you have the freedom of ending the relation any time, yet, to be honest, if’s your moral and ethical duty to give a month’s notice. If the issues don’t get fixed, close the services you are providing.

In the case of ending the contract, make sure to refund money to your partner if you’ve not worked for it. It’s your ethical duty to return the amount even if you have complete control over that.