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A famous quote you may hear that it’s not possible to be a   good teacher if you lack the emotions. When we communicate the existence of emotions is a must whether or not we feel. For instance, while reading this opening of the article, you have a reaction, which is called emotions. If you’re aware of the rest of this article, your feelings are to skip the remaining content since it shouldn’t be worth your time. If you feel the remaining stuff will benefit you regarding emotions, you may want to continue.

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Referring to having emotions in each matter doesn’t mean the extreme emotions in all aspects, including written and spoken forms. Instead, I say to have the specific emotions in a particular manner you feel in hearing. You respond to any actions accordingly.

I am an educator whose main activity is to teach online. Mostly, my interactivity and communications with students occur in composting form. So, my students’ connection happens in the shape of messages, email, and composed posts. My response to people follow me, occur, and my reaction happens only the moment I see something that has been written or posted and sent to me.

Generally, my students get the replies immediately. In rare cases, I get some time to respond due to the necessary research or any physical issue I have. I conduct further investigation if the questions need some study about the related subjects.

Emotional intelligence has massive data which is available on the internet, and the writer has written much in offline magazines as well. Besides, an established concept and definition of emotional intelligence exist if you explore appropriate content. Nonetheless, I have another idea of being emotionally intelligent due to numerous reasons. My aim to make educators expand upon the concepts of knowing and supervising emotions by noticing the responses and reactions to what we hear and read. I want to talk over the vitality of moving olden level one to level two.

Level One: Emotionally Reactionary Responses

It’s necessary to check the mind’s ability to process the knowledge and information, for the goal you’re writing. You should recognize the dissimilarity to, unlike stages. The happening of level one occurs the time input or information is collected. When someone posses the level one, acknowledgement is processed and received using filters including beliefs, biases, opinions, perceptions, etc. The processing stage happens automatically when you’re at level one.