Mohmand Dam – Hydro Power Project, Pakistan

Mohmand dam is one of the hydro power project for which ex chief justice Saqib Nisar had made a Mohmand dam fund in which all pakistanis had made their contribution. It is one of the big hydro power project that will produce approximately 800MW electricity. Beside it since it is located in mountainous area where always the shortage of water.With this project this issue of the shortage will solved,because with the completion of this project the water surface beneath the earth will rise and the water can be available at low cast to the poor farmer through this there earth will become fruitable and become able to give a good quality of vegetable and fruits.

This project will brought happiness, prosperous and jobs to the territory. With the completion of this project as the water surface will rise hence the soil will become humid around the area of prang ghar, yaka ghund ,munda ,and the nearest all villages, therefore the soil give a favorable condition for the plant and crops,the shrubs and grass will also grow and the area will be green and beautiful.The cattles that the people of the nearest territory has ,will be also strong and more fatty.

With the completion of the dam the tourist will visit to these areas through which the government can earns because this project not will contain the only making of dam but it also contain making of roads and canal.

The people of area has more expectation that this project will brought so many happiness, prosperousness, fertility of the soil and attract the tourist.