Nerian Sharif ~ Darbar-e-Alia Naqashbandia, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Nerian Sharif is the spiritual section of our Website for enlightening your faiths under the spiritual guidance of Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui (DBA). I have dedicated & created this section due to spiritual relation of darbar sharif. Darbar-e-Alia Nerian Sharif has a tremendous history and background in the history of sub-continent for spreading Islam through the ideology of sufism. The projects related to education, health, media and spiritual values are the major works carried out by the Hazoor Shykul Alam Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib (DBA) in his life. Please visit the following links to fetch the information related to darbar sharif.

Note: The disciples of Nerian Sharif are kindly requested to participate in up gradation of the content with us. Thanks.

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