Online Part-Time Teaching Jobs in Pakistan (Make Video Lectures to Earn Money)

Earn Money through creating Online Video Lectures (Class I to XII). Good News for all talented teachers. Now you can transform your knowledge into the real-time earning. If you are a full time teacher or can teacher part time and have proper teaching skills of any subject from Class-I to Class-XII for any board/university in Pakistan, then you can work with us. We shall pay you for your video lectures. Trusted Job for Teachers (Males & Females) & Everyone having teaching skills, which you can do by sitting in your homes, offices or elsewhere at anytime.

Earn Money by making Video Lectures (Class I-XII) ~ Part Time Teaching Jobs in Pakistan:

To start your work with us , please read all the details from below:


  • Smart Mobile with Good Camera Result.
  • Teaching Skills (Class-I to Class-XII).

Rates / Payments (Per 60 Minutes Video):

  • Class I to V
    • Mathematics = Rs. 150/-
    • English + Science = Rs. 100/-
    • Other Subjects = Rs. 50/-
  • Class VI to VIII
    • Mathematics = Rs. 200/-
    • English + Science = Rs. 150/-
    • Other Subjects = Rs. 75/-
  • Class IX to X
    • Mathematics = Rs. 300/-
    • Chemistry + Physics + Biology + Computer = Rs. 200/-
    • Other Subjects = Rs. 100/-
  • Class XI to XII
    • Mathematics = Rs. 300/-
    • Chemistry + Physics + Biology + Computer = Rs. 200/-
    • I.Com Subjects like Accounting + Statistics + Economics etc. = Rs. 200/-
    • Other Subjects = Rs. 100/-

Rules & Regulations:

  • Use Good Camera with Clear Result.
  • Fix the Camera and then make video lectures, so that it may not shake during video lecture creation.
  • Use White Paper / White Board and Black Marker / Pointer for Teaching. Don’t use Ballpoints or Lead Pencils.
  • Video should be in Landscape mode (Horizontal). Don’t use Portrait mode (Vertical).
  • ¬†Write on top of paper, on which you are teaching.
  • Start each lecture with Bismillah and say As-Salam-o-Alaikum. Then say Welcome to Download Class Notes.
  • Request to Subscribe our Youtube Channel and Facebook Pages for latest videos and updates.
  • Then Start your Video Lecture / Topic.
  • Your teaching speed should not be very slow so that students may get bored while listening your lectures. But you may also not too much fast, that they couldn’t understand your point of view. So be balanced & practical.
  • In case of Mathematics one Exercise should be completed in one single video. In case of other subjects, one unit should be completed in one single video.
  • In case of Mathematics, teach 2-3 different questions from a question having same kind of nature.¬† In case of other subjects, teach & explain the exercise questions with their answers with urdu translation in detail.
  • Edited / Copied video lectures from youtube or any other websites will not be accepted.

How to Start Work:

  • Create a Sample Video (5-10 minutes) and WhatsApp it at 0313-5665666 (No Calls Please).
  • We shall examine your video lecture. If approved, we shall allow you to create video lectures and work with us.
  • Payments will be sent to you via EasyPaisa or JazzCash after acceptance of each video lecture.
  • You should have your own EasyPaisa or JazzCash account to receive payments.

Sample Video:

Helpline (SMS/WhatsApp):

  • For any query / question / issue please contact us via SMS/WhatsApp at 0313-5665666 (No Calls Please).