Rose Art & Crafts Online Academy, Islamabad

Rose Art & Crafts Online Academy, Islamabad.

We are offering ONLINE COURSES of Art & Crafts

1: Stocking net flowers
2: Jute work
3: Italian dough, Mould making,jewellery making.
4: Glass painting
5: Quilling art
6: Fabric painting
7: Bead work
8: Ribbon embroidery n flower making
9: Paper mache’ n Paper art including crafts
10: Gotta jewellery
11: 5 types of dough, fruits n vegetables, animals n cartoons & dough decoration.
12: Resin jewellery
13: Newspaper art
14: Gel candle making
15: Cooking n Baking courses

N much more……..
For details

03115923022 ( call/ Whatsapp) or

visit my page :Rose Art & Crafts Online Academy

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