Important Questions of Biology (Sindh Textbook Jamshoro)


chapter no 1

Q/define five branches of biology

Q/define biology and its two branches

Q/write one contribution of five muslim scientist

Q/define biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology and biochemistry

Q/define bio-genesis and Abiogenesis


chapter no 2

Q/draw a diagram of brain of frog

Q/write difference  B/W prokaryotic and Eurokaryotic cell

Q/draw a longitudinal diagram of brassica

Q/draw a diagram of dorsal view of heart

Q/describe portal system in detail

Q/draw a diagram of ventral view of heart

Q/difference B/W arteries and veins (short)

Q/describe animal tissue in detail

Q/draw a neat and labeled diagram transverse section of brassica stem

Q/draw a diagram of eye of frog

Q/draw a diagram of brassica root

Q/draw a diagram of brain of frog

Q/write a sort note on cell wall

Q/describe plant tissue

Q/describe cell theory

Q/draw a diagram of brassica flower

Q/define simple tissue and complex tissue

Q/diffrence B/W light and electron microscope

Q/draw a diagram of digestive system of frog

Q/describe mitosis in detail

Q/describe arterial system of frog in short

Q/describe function of root and stem

Q/draw a diagram of T.S of brassica flower

Q/draw a diagram of eye of  frog

Q/what are plastids

Q/describe tissue

Q/define taxonomy what is bionomial nomenclature


chapter no 4

Q/write five general characteristics of  cynobacteria

Q/draw a labeled diagram of  rod shaped bacterium

Q/draw a neat labeled diagram of bacteriophage

Q/write one use of bacteria

Q/what are virus?write general characteristics of virus?write name of four viral disease

Q/write three importance of bacteria

Q/write any three type of bacteria according to its shape

Q/write three advantage of bacteria


chapter no 5

Q/write three type of importance of fungi

Q/define spirogyra

Q/draw a diagram of claymadomanas


chapter no 6

Q/write four difference b/w mono cot and dicot

Q/draw a labeled diagram of Adantium  plant

Q/define saprophytes

Q/write difference b/w angiosperm and gymnosperm

Q/write difference b/w bryophyte and trachyophyte

Q/write three main groups of bryophytes


chapter no 7

Q/what is metamorphosis?name and define two type of metamorphosis

Q/define parasite?name two parasite and write group to which they belong

Q/write three function of human skeleton

Q/write three characteristics of phylum annelida

Q/write three characteristics of phylum echinodermeta

Q/write three characteristics of phylum arthropoda


chapter no 8

Q/write characteristics of class aves

Q/write a note on flora of pakistan

Q/write three characteristics of class  reptilia

Q/define fauna and flora

Q/define fauna in Pakistan


chapter no 9


Q/define autrotropic and hetrotropic describr parasitic and insectivorious

Q/define photosynthesis write five factor which is nessasary for the process of photosynthesis

Q/describe an experiment to proove oxygen gas is evolved during photosynthesis

Q/describe an experiment to proove that carbondioxide is nessasary for photosynthesis

Q/write different type of tooth in man

Q/write diffrence B/W respiratiom and photosynthesis

Q/draw alabeled diagram of human tooth

Q/write chemical equation of photosynthesis

Q/describe an experiment to proove that light or chlorophyl is nessasary for photosynthesis

Q/write a note on insectevorus plant


chapter no 10

Q/describe aerobic and an aerobic respiration

Q/draw a neat and labeled diagram of human respiratory system

Q/write diffrence B/W photosynthesis and combussion

Q/write three component of cigrate smoke and their harmfull effect on human tooth

Q/write difference B/w photosynthesis and respiration

Q/write disorder of respiratory system in man



chapter no 11

Q/define transpiration. Write five factor effecting transpiration

Q/name three arteries of arterial system

Q/what are component of blood . Describe  in detail with diagram

Q/write three function of blood

Q/write three advantage of transpiration in plant


chapter no 12

Q/write role of  skin in exeretion



chapter no 13

Q/define movement , stimulus and response in plant . Describe any two type of movement in plant duo to action of external stinului

Q/write the name and working of any two type of neorons accordind to its function

Q/define nastic and tactic movement in plant and describe its two type

Q/write three function of  skelaton in man


chapter no 14

Q/write name of three endrocrine gland. Also write name of one harmones secreted by each of them

Q/define osmoisis and transpiration in plant


chapter no 15

Q/what is meant by dispersal of fruit. Describe any two methods of it

Q/define germination and write any two of its kind

Q/what is pollination . Name its two type

Q/define hypogeal and epigeal germination

Q/define Asexual reproduction in plant? Describe any three method of Asexual reproduction in detail

Q/define fertilization and double fertilization

Q/define joints? Define any two skeletel system defects

Q/what are receptor?name receptor organ of sight,sound,odour and taste

Q/write diffrence B/W sexual and Asexual reproduction




chapter no 17

Q/state lamark’s theory of evolution

Q/describe darwins theory of evolution and explain its four important point in detail

Q/define variation? Write two cause of variation


chapter no 18

Q/what is pollution . Name any two type of pollution


chapter no 19

Q/ what is community. Write the name of component of community

Q/write three health problem of men related to nutrition




  • producer
  • consumer
  • decomposer
  • measles
  • operculum
  • book lung
  • fangs
  • herbivorus
  • carnivorus
  • insectivorus
  • hibernation
  • metamorphosis
  • appendicitls
  • cataract
  • paralysis
  • stomata
  • phototropism
  • species
  • digestion




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