What Is Google Adsense & How It Work

What Is Google Adsense ? 

The Answer of Question What Is Google Adsense Is This That Is About The Easiest Way To Start Earning With You Website, YouTube, Application, Or Webmaster After putting Adsense Ad Code In Your Website You Will See Ads On Your Website Which Is By Google Adsense Pay You Money For Advertisement In You Website .

How Google Adsense Is Work

Google Adsense Starts With The Advertisers Who Chose That Keyword They Would Like To Advertise On .For Example I Want To Advertise My Article Of  Free Internet That I am Created .  For I Will Bid On Certain Keyword Which Is Like “Free Internet , Free Internet 2019, How to get free Internet,Free Internet Trick, etc.

How To Get Approval On YouTube From Google Adsense

First Of  You Need One YouTube Chanel Which Is Linked With Google Adsense For Approval On Your Chanel You Need 1K Subscriber (1000) & 4k Hour Watch Time (4000) In Last 12 Month When You Completed The Aim Of 1K Subscriber And 4k Watch Time You Will Receive Automatic Email Which Is For Monetization Enabling Email For Your YouTube Chanel .

How to Apply Google Adsense For Blogger/ WordPress Website :

For Adsense Approval On Your Website Of Blogger,WordPress,Weebly,Or Other Website You Need Some Things For Approval ON Adsense Given Below :

  1. You Need Top Level Domain (.com, .net, ,org) Etc.
  2. You Need Beautiful And Responsive Template For Your Website
  3. You Need Good Ranking Of Your Website
  4. You Need Minimum 30 Posts On Your Blog/WordPress Website Etc.
  5. You Need Minimum 500 Views On Your Website

How To Signup Or Requirements Of Google Adsense

For Signup On Google Adsense You Need Some Requirements Are Write In Below You Can Read It :

  1. You Must Have One Mail Account (Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo)
  2. Your Age Must B 18 Year Old (18+)
  3. You Must Have Government Issued ID Card
  4. You Must Have Your Own Home Address

I Hope You Will Understand That What Is Google Adsense And How It Work . And How We Will Earn From Google Adsense .