Top 5 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make and Their Solutions.

Why does it seem a hard pill to swallow for the students to get through F.Sc with higher marks in Pakistan? When you were at Matric level you thought it is the toughest job to handle, but when you reach at F.Sc level, after two years, then you realize Matric was easiest job in the world. It is the reason most students can easily get expected marks SSC, but not in HSSC. If you are a Matric student and reading the article, you might consider yourself a lucky one; but if you are intermediate student, you would say, “I wish I knew”.

Here is list of the Mistakes and the Solutions:

1) Don’t take Easy.


If you think F.Sc is as easy as Matric, then you are making a huge mistake of your life.


It is a very big difference between Matric and Let me prove to you:









If you think that you can get 85 percent marks in same way as you did in Matric. This is not gonna happen.

Don not think of F.Sc as easy or un-challenging. These two years determine you future. Accept F.Sc as a challenge and prove to the world that you are a winner. You have to work hard far more as you did in Matric.

2) Clearing the concepts.


Clearing concepts is important if you want to take Entry Test . It is one of major mistakes made by F.Sc level students.


Every student of F.Sc will take Entry Test. After Annual Examination, you will not have enough time to clear all your concepts of all subjects of 1st and 2nd year. You must have 110 percent clear concepts of everything in order to succeed in the Entry Test, especially in Chemistry and Physics generally.

You can talk to your teacher to clear your concepts. Underline all those lines which you think you are not good at, then ask your teacher.

You can take Online Video lectures in order to clear your concepts.

3) Start studying in June:


The student who gets lower marks in F.Sc ┬ádon’t start studying in June as they await for the opening of colleges in August or September. When such a mistake is made, it becomes very difficult for them to cover their syllabus on time.


Syllabus of F.Sc is more, so you have to start studying as soon as possible. The best time to start your studies is June when your board exam comes to an end. There are too many ways to start studying in June, If you can afford KIPS or Star, These institutions start their classes in the month of June and cover all of the syllabus in December. When your syllabus is covered, the Test Session starts in January where tests are taken until the board exams are started. In this way you can memorize your syllabus very well.

The other ways of starting studying in June is studying from internet. Pakistan has made several advancements in the field of IT. There are many websites where each topic of all subjects is taught in Urdu in the form of video lectures. It is completely free.

4) Memorization


Students don’t know how to memorize a topic. A student will waste a lot of time if he does not know the techniques of how to memorize a topic. Please don’t think tat you can’t do it.


Stay motivated. Think that with the help of God you can do everything. Best study method is :SQ3R

S: urvey.

Q: uestion.

R: ead.

R: ecite.

R: eview.