Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is very important for industry growth.Pakistan must design a tourism campaign that is authentic and resist placing foreign models on a pedestal to attract tourists from abroad. The reason for Pakistan being a tourist country is because of the multiple attractions in the country.The factors behind Pakistan being an attractive are traditions, historical places, diverse culture, beautiful valleys are all tourist spot. There are historical places such as Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Taxila, which attract archeologists from all over the globe to come and visit the wonderful historic civilizations which are a part of Pakistan.Valleys of Pakistan have been able to attract tourists for a long period of time. There are valleys such as Swat, Hunza , Naran, Kaghan and beautiful hills like Murree, Nathia Gali, Changa Gali etc.

The tourism industry experienced extraordinary loss during the 1970s. However since the disastrous earthquake in 2005 in which many of the tourist spots came under the rubble the industry has been facing severe consequences. After the 2005 , the valleys of Naran, Kaghan , Swat etc were totally destroyed . Terrorism also acted as a hindrance to the potentially equipped tourism industry of the country. Swat was declared as a no go area as the Taliban forces had got control over it.

In 2009,  According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (TTCR),Pakistan was ranked 113 out of 130 countries to visit. Although due to Political instability, suicide attacks, religious conflict, kidnapping of foreigner and uncertainty in the country had badly affected the Tourism throughout the country, especially in Pakhtoonkhwa.

Some tourist corporations have started working and encouraged the government to attract tourists to Pakistan by working on several projects in the tourist market: building and maintaining the road and air networks. The maturation of human and natural resources can also contribute to the development of the flabby industry.

Development of tourism industry in Pakistan can bring a great change to the economic status of the country. That’s because tourists have a wide range of budgets and tastes, and a wide variety of resorts and hotels can be developed to cater for them. For example, some people prefer simple vacations, while others want more specialized holidays,family-oriented holidays, quieter locations. So in contrast to that, we can develop a lot of different hotels or restaurants to meet everyone’s demands

Pakistan government need to take certain actions, in order to promote and acknowledge Tourism in Pakistan.Clean surroundings also can help to promote tourism. Tourists also want to stay in an area that is clean, and they prefer the clean environment to visit, so we should keep our surroundings clean to promote tourism for our country. Government should provide subsidies to tourism industry for promoting tourism in our country , by spending this amount we can maintain our most beautiful places that attracts visitors.The people should join the government in its efforts to crush terrorism. The government should improve the law and order situation in all possible ways. Then all sorts of facilities should be provided by the government in hotels and tourist homes. Travelling should be comfortably easy.With this Pakistan will be a first-rate tourism-friendly country.